Here are some important Load, Electrical and other Capacity Capabilities and Limits :

Floor/Roof Load
1. The Venue is rated safe up to a maximum floor/roof POINT LOAD Capacity of 450kg per m2

Ceiling Hanging Point Load
2. There are chemical hanging points inside the venue that have been tested and rated safe up to a maximum point load of 500Kg

Electrical Supply
3. The Venue has Industrial Supply of Electricity with 225Amps of 3 Phase Power and this is supplied into the Venue as follows :
a. There are 3 Independent 63 AMP 3-Phase supply connections within the Interior of the Venue, each on its own independent own circuit breaker,
b. plus a 32 Amp 3-Phase supply from within the Kitchen for supply outside to the Tunnel and Outside Entrance Area
c. The Venue does have its own Back-up Generator, however only up to 110KVA and this supplies the Entire Venue, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Production Offices, Lighting and Aircons.
d. So if Large Show Backup Power is required this can be rented in.

Water Supply
4. There is a Garden Tap for fresh water supply on the Roof Garden

Stretch Tents to Roof Garden
5. There are fixing points for StretchTent Installation of various sizes to the Roof Garden, only Tents manufactured out of StormChild Fabric supplied by LOUDFIRE can be used for obvious legal, liability and risk mitigation reasons, unfortunately NO MARQUEES and or other TENTS can be used as they exert too much load on the Roof Deck and cause the Concrete to deflect

Outside Suppliers.
6. There are certain suppliers that we have enjoyed working with, for we feel that they too have come to both enjoy and respect our venue and space - we thus do reserve the right of first refusal with regards who may supply and or work within the venue.